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Barrowes were a kind of undead hill giant. By the Year of the Staff, 1366 DR, they were seen among the peaks of the Giant's Run Mountains in increasing numbers, supposedly due to the Dodkong's campaign to expand Cairnheim's influence.[1][2]


Barrowes were noted to look more repulsive than their living kin, with a thick covering of matted, dirty hair. As was typical of undead, their small eyes glittered.[1]


Upon becoming undead, barrowes became stronger but less dexterous. They could also only be hit by enchanted weapons.[1]


Barrowes did not value the companionship of each other, and even bore antipathy towards their living kin. They were known to destroy hill giant families, tribes, and raiding bands, simply for the pleasure of breaking up their bonds.[1]


Barrowes could drain energy by attacking with their fists, turning smaller opponents into weaker, miniature barrowes upon being slain. When hill giants were killed in this manner, they were raised as true barrowes.[1]


Barrowe lairs were like those of hill giants, although much less densely populated, typically sporting solitary or only very small groups. Due to the barrowes' ties to the Negative Energy plane, the impact of these lairs on the local ecology was devastating, driving out any animals and withering the vegetation away in a quarter-mile (400 meters) radius.[1]

It was rumored that, by substituting a regular hill giant with a barrowe in the process of making a potion of hill giant strength, the resulting brew would grant the undead's energy-draining attack on top of the normal increase in strength.[1]


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