Barundar mac Idrin was a shield dwarf man of the dwarven city of Earthfast of the Earthfast Mountains of north Faerûn,[1] in the Earthroot region of the Underdark[2] He was the Ironlord of Earthfast in the 8th century DR.[3]


Barundar was the son of Idrin.

He became the ruler of Earthfast, holding the position of ironlord by the Year of the Splendid Stag, 734 DR.

Barundar had come into possession of Sarghathuld, a legendary sword of the fallen dwarven realm of Roldilar. This he presented as a coronation gift to King Halanter I of Impiltur. King Halanter became the first Impilturan ruler to make a pact with the dwarves of Earthfast, and was known to them as Arausamman, or "Great Friend".[3]


As ironlord, Barundar ruled as a king over Earthfast.[1]



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