Pasha Basadoni was the leader of House Basadoni, the most powerful Thieves' guild in Calimport[citation needed] and so one of the masters of Calimport's underworld. Basadoni tutored the young Artemis Entreri, who worked for Basadoni in his early years before entering the service of Pasha Pook.

When Enteri returned to Calimport in 1364 DR, Pasha Basadoni invited him to join again, but Entreri refused. Soon after, some high members of House Basadoni tried to kill Entreri to maintain the House's prestige, but Entreri killed them all—at the price of involving Jarlaxle and Bregan D'aerthe. At last Entreri and the drow assaulted the Basadoni's palace and confronted the pasha. Basadoni acknowledged the power of the drow and offered instead an alliance with them with himself as figurehead leader and Jarlaxle commanding from shadows; Entreri seemingly accepted the pact but killed Basadoni in cold blood, claiming the leadership of House Basadoni for himself.[1]




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