Basilisk glare was a wizard spell from the school of alteration.[1][2]


This spell made the caster's eyes glow with red light, causing any creature who looked into the caster's eyes to turn to stone for several minutes. The caster did not need to make eye contact with the targets since petrification would occur if the creature merely looked at the caster's eyes. Targets suffered slight physical harm from the petrification process.[1][2]

Petrified targets could not be shattered by physical attacks. The caster could not employ other spells while concentrating on the basilisk glare, but they could perform other activities and physical attacks. Petrified targets would revert to their normal form several minutes after the spell ended.[1][2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required as material components a pebble or stone chip and two of the caster's tears to cast.[1][2]



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