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Bats were a group of wild, flying animals of generally small size that fed on other small mammals, insects, reptiles, or fruit. Although the majority of bats were small, a few larger varieties existed.[5] Bats were almost all nocturnal.[6]

Just rats with wings if you ask me...


Most bats were roughly the size of a small bird although larger bats existed. All bats were adept at perceiving their surroundings in the dark though the precise mechanics differed by species, with most bats using a form of blindsight,[6] or darkvision in the case of shadowhunter bats.[5]


There were many varieties of unusual bat species, some of which are listed below:

A species of deep bats that could turn invisible.[8]
Deep bat
Dangerous bats native to the Underdark.[9]
Dire bat
Enormous bats with a wingspan of roughly eight to nine feet.
Large bats with a barbed tail.
Fire bat
An unusually large bat native to the elemental planes.[5]
A species of fey bats who served as messengers of dark creatures.[8]
A heavy large carnivorous bat that resembled a wyvern.[8]
Night hunter
Carnivore deep bat from Underdark.[8]
Shadowhunter bat
A type of large, predatory bat touched with the power of the Shadowfell.[5]
A type of large magical bat with unnerving appearance that fed on carrion.[8]
Vampire bat
And giant vampire bat were a species of bats that fed on mammalian blood are believed to be related to stirges.[10][11]
Sea bats native to the underground port at Skullport.[12]



A bat in flight.

Beyond the Prime Material plane, bats could be found in the Domains of Dread and some claimed that they were more numerous there than in any other plane of existence.[13] Bats also inhabited the caverns of the Blood Tor, the Abyssal realms of Beshaba and Umberlee.[14]


Some magic stores were known to sell the fur and guano of bats as a sort of material component, both at a price of 10 gp per 1 oz (28 g).[15]

Circa 1365 DR, the owner of the restaurant Maid of the Moors in Mornbryn's Shield, Beldora Thiiruin kept pet bats she allowed freely fly around the dining hall, she used the flying critters and means of pest control.[16]

Halfling kids often fished for bats using a light, durable twine string, and bait of live moths.[17]



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