Bats were a group of wild, flying mammals of generally small size that fed on other small mammals, insects, reptiles, or fruit. Although the majority of bats were small, a few larger varieties existed.[4] Bats were almost all nocturnal.[5]


Most bats were roughly the size of a small bird although larger bats existed. All bats were adept at perceiving their surroundings in the dark though the precise mechanics differed by species, with most bats using a form of blindsight,[5] shadowhunter bats using darkvision, and fire bats projecting light around them.[5]


There were many varieties of unusual bat species, some of which are listed below:

Deep bats
Dangerous bats native to the Underdark.[6]
Dire bat
Enormous bats with a wingspan of roughly eight to nine feet.
Fire bat
An unusually large bat native to the elemental planes.
Shadowhunter bat
A type of large, predatory bat touched with the power of the Shadowfell or Plane of Shadow.
Sea bats native to the underground port at Skullport.[7]





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