Bathed-In-Blood was a magical suit of plate mail armor commissioned by Kheros the Red, a priest of Tempus.[1]


Powerfully enchanted to withstand most blows in battle, Bathed-in-Blood was entirely blood red in color.[1]


As a young man, the warrior Kheros worked as a mercenary, hiring out his services to many adventuring companies. Despite many victories, he developed a crippling phobia of blood over time. He fell into madness, until he was taken in by a group of Tempuran priests who inducted him to their faith. Kheros eventually became a priest of Tempus himself, and after several years was able to conquer his fear by allowing himself to be nearly drowned in a tub of blood. Later in life, Kheros had Bathed-In-Blood made to commemorate his past.[1]

As of 1281 DR, Bathed-In-Blood was in the possession of the fighter Fleezum in Icewind Dale.[1]

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