The Batrachi Empires were a series of realms inhabited by batrachi on the supercontinent of Merrouroboros during the Days of Thunder (−35,000 DR to −30,000 DR).[4][3][1][2]


The Batrachi Empires seemed to have included the realms of Kolophoon, Boitumelo, Nadezhda, and Zhoukoudien.[1][note 1] At their height, the Batrachi Empires spread across the whole of Merrouroboros,[3] neighboring the Black Sea, the sea of Pourounkorokale, and the Great Blue.[1] Bazim-Gorag described his domain as "stretching from the depths of the Black Sea in the north to the fiery peaks of Lopango in the south".[3] Much later, the Sea of Fallen Stars lay over the flooded lands of the lost batrachi realm of Kolophoon.[6]


The Batrachi Empires rose to power circa −33,500 DR.[4][2]

They grew to the height of their power under the wise leadership of Zhoukoudien, the High One. However, their golden age ended abruptly when the High One was killed in battle by Omo, a titan thane, around −31,500 DR.[3][2] The batrachi lord Bazim-Gorag later called Zhoukoudien a fool who unwisely made war against the Jotunbrud and lost the empire.[3]

Around −31,000 DR,[2][5] the batrachi were losing a war against the titans. In their desperation, they enacted a great summoning ritual that unleashed several once-imprisoned primordials. The gods swiftly opposed the primordials.[5] The primordial Asgorath, the World Shaper in an event called the Tearfall. Disastrous earthquakes, fires, and windstorms swept across all of Abeir-Toril, erasing whole continents and rearranging the seas.[2][5] The extreme climate change swiftly led to the end of batrachi civilization.[2]



  1. These realms are known only from their appearance on the map above. It is presumed they are all meant to be part of the Batrachi Empires, but only Zhoukoudien has a confirmed connection to the batrachi, but is unknown why this realm shares a name with the leader, Zhoukoudien.


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