The Battle of Bloody Reeds was a battle fought in Impiltur against an orc horde from Vastar in the Year of the Wyvernfall, 512 DR.[1]


Lead upEdit

In the Year of the Wyvernfall, 512 DR, the orc nation of Vastar was on the rampage again, with orc hordes from here and other strongholds emerging and threatening Cormanthyr and many other lands with war.[2][3]

The orc chieftain Ulbror marched his horde through many small passes of the Earthspur Mountains and invaded the uplands of Impiltur instead. King Sharaun Mirandor and his three sons led a small army north to meet them and were defeated and slain in battle, killing off the Mirandor dynasty.[1]

The battleEdit

Duke Harandil Durlaven—Sharaun's son-in-law—mustered another army and went after the orcs. The horde was routed at the Battle of Bloody Reeds.[1]


Harandil was declared king of Impiltur by the acclamation of his followers, and crowned on the battlefield itself. This founded the Durlaven dynasty.[1]


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