The Battle of Bones was the name given to an old battlefield in the Western Heartlands.


The Battle was named after a huge battle between humans and various goblinoid races in the year 1090 DR. The goblinoid nations, along with hobgoblin and orc allies, came out of the dwindling Goblin Marches to overrun the north. A combined force of humans, elves and the last of several dwarven kingdoms met the invasion head on at this site. So many died in that week-long battle it was said that their bones covered the ground to a depth of twelve inches.

Since then, only the undead walked in the Battle with no master of their own. The nightwalkers were by far the dominant race, ruling over skeletons and zombies.

This all changed when the Vampire King Mordoc SeLanmere came to the Battle. Mordoc then took full control of the Battle and built the Keep of Pale Night in it. The nightwalkers, zombies, and skeleton warriors were then inaugurated into his vampire army under the rule of his servant, Xanhast. Upon Mordoc's destruction in Baldur's Gate, the vampire army scattered throughout the Battle.[citation needed]


After the Battle of Bones, the ravaged area was renamed after the war that took place in its terrain. Only the undead lived in the Battle, with the occasion traveler passing through. Travelers likely ended up dead and become of the undead in the Battle.[citation needed]

Skeletons and zombiesEdit

Skeleton warriors and zombies of both orckind and humankind inhabited the Battle. Occasionally, creatures killed in the Battle would become either zombies or skeletons, depending on the manner of their death. They served under the vampire army and were its lowest-ranking soldiers.[citation needed]


Originally the dominant species of the Battle, the nightwalkers ruled over the Battle but were later scattered throughout it after the fall of the vampire army. They likely ruled over the skeletons and the zombies after the fall of the vampire army but it was likely that small vampire factions looking for power in the Battle controlled them as Xanhast once did.[citation needed]


The dominant race of the Battle. Vampires once ruled the whole of the Battle and had nightwalkers, skeletons, and zombies unified under a single vampire army. Upon the death of Mordoc SeLanmere, this army was scattered.[citation needed]




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