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The Battle of Deepfires was a battle fought beneath Mount Grimmerfang between the shield dwarves of Roldilar and the orcs of the Vast in north Faerûn in the Year of the Bloody Crown, 649 DR. It marked the fall of the kingdom of the Roldilar.[1][2][3][4]


Prior to the battle, Deep King Tuir Stonebeard led the dwarven armies against those of the attacking orcs and goblins, but they were defeated at Viperstongue Ford over the River Vesper. Roldilar's defenses were broken, and the dwarves retreated to Mount Grimmerfang, the capital of Roldilar and once the capital of the previous orcish kingdom of Vastar.[1][2]

This retreat ended in the Battle of Deepfires, fought in underground passages beneath the mountain. This bloody struggle lasted for almost twenty days.[1][2] It ended in defeat for the dwarves and the fall of Roldilar in 649 DR.[1][2][3][4]


The Battle of Deepfires was infamous in dwarven history. In later years, dwarves referenced it in laments and woeful sayings. One saying often used by sick, injured, or depressed dwarves, or by dwarves overwhelmed with problems and miseries, was "I feel as if my axe was broken in the midst of Deepfires."[2]