The Battle of Mount Bogdo occurred on Tarsakh 1, 1338 DR at the foot of Mount Bogdo in the Hordelands.[1]

Events[edit | edit source]

Lead up[edit | edit source]

Before Yamun Khahan's rise to power among the Tuigan, Abatai of the Commani tribe promised him the hand of his daughter in marriage. Disgusted by Yamun's slaying of his own father to claim leadership of the Hoekun, Abatai later refused to honor the agreement.[1]

The Tuigan/Naican Alliance[edit | edit source]

Along with his Naican allies, Yamun decided to strike against the Commani before they had time to consolidate their forces. They began this conquest by picking off the Commani's eastern ordus. Once the way was clear to the Commani heartland, Yamun marched with four minghans, or 4,000 men, under his command.[1]

The Commani[edit | edit source]

Abatai had been elected Khahan of the Commani to eliminate the threat of the Tuigan. Commanded by Abatai, the Commani camped along the foot of Mount Bogdo. A hastily erected cairn wall of stones was raised to help block the forward advance of Yamun's forces.[1]

The Battle[edit | edit source]

Yamun's approach to Mount Bogdo was masked by storms and a moonless night, allowing him to creep close to the Commani forces and remain undetected. Yamun surprised the Commani, catching them when at least a quarter of their forces were not even mounted or wearing armor.[1]

Yamun Khahan's Naican allies had secretly moved into position along the Commani's rear behind their protective cairn wall. The Tuigan opened by committing one jagun of men to battle, briefly exchanging arrow fire with the Commani before retreating. Unsure how many warriors he really faced, Abatai sent 700 warriors to chase them. They quickly found themselves under a hail of arrow fire from the remaining Tuigan forces.[1]

Additional Tuigan forces of 400 men attacked from the north and south, hitting the Commani in their flanks at the same time.[1]

The remaining 2,000 Naican soldiers hit the Commani in the rear, preventing further loss of life from the Tuigans who were enveloped with the Commani.[1]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Though it cost him 1,000 men, Yamun Khahan had defeated the Commani. Yamun offered the surviving ordus of Commani simple terms: swear allegiance to him or die. Many chose to join the great Khahan, but some were executed on the spot.[1]

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