The battle of the Fallen was a massive nautical skirmish between the pirate ships under the leadership of Urdogen the Red, and the allied fleets of the coastal nations of Cormyr, Impiltur, Sembia and the Vilhon Reach. It began in the early morning of Eleint 11, 1209 DR, and culminated soon after with the defeat of Urdogen and the pirates of the Sea of Fallen Stars.[1]


This battle was the culmination of years of conflict and strife between both the various in-fighting fleets of pirate ships vying for dominance within the Inner Sea, and the coastal assaults they embarked upon after unifying under a sole banner. This pirate commander was Urdogen the Red, a particularly vicious privateer who achieved dominance over his fellow pirates, and claimed the haven of Dragonisle, through pure brutality.[2]

Once he had secured enough support from most of the pirates of the Inner Sea, Urdogen began systematically assaulting and raiding the sea's coastal settlements and sinking their boats.[2]