A battleaxe (also battle axe) is a martial melee weapon of the axe family. They are usually crafted with a wooden handle and metal head.[2]


The battleaxe is a simple axe head mounted on a wooden or metal haft about 2 12 to 3 feet (75 to 90 cm) long. They can be ornate or plain and the blade may be slightly curved to almost round. The back side of the axe head may have a short spike or blade and the end of the haft may have a spike also. Some models come with belt hooks on the side of the head. For mounted warriors, a version called the horseman's axe is slightly shorter than the infantry version and is equipped with a leather strap for swinging. The average battleaxe costs 10 gp and weighs 6 lbs (2.7 kg).[3]

Horseman's axe

Horseman's axe, with belt hook and a hole for a strap.

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The battleaxe is the standard one-handed axe used in melee combat and favored by Dwarves.[4]

Notable battleaxesEdit

Battle Prowess
The weapon of the war god Tempus
Icemaiden's Caress
An ice axe wielded by the goddess Auril[5]
Golden Axe of the Great Rift
Magic axes made by the Gold dwarves
Silvermane's axe
A magic axe dedicated to the service of Moradin


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