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Battleaxes were a martial melee weapon in the axe family.[5]


Battleaxe were a simple axe head mounted on a wooden or metal haft about 2.5​ to ​3 feet (0.76​ to ​0.91 meters) long. They could be ornate or plain, with blades either slightly curved or rounded. Some battleaxes were known to have a short spike or blade on the back of their axeheads, as well as a spike on the end of their shafts. Some came with belt hooks on the side of their heads.[6]

Notable battleaxes[]

Battle Prowess
The weapon of the war god Tempus
Icemaiden's Caress
An ice axe wielded by the goddess Auril[7]
Golden Axe of the Great Rift
Magic axes made by the Gold dwarves
Silvermane's axe
A magic axe dedicated to the service of Moradin

Notable Users of Battleaxes[]

Races & Sentient Creatures[]

  • Dwarves often favored the use of battleaxes in close-quarter combat.[8]

Regions, Nations, & Settlements[]

  • Battleaxes were a commonly used weapon among inhabitants of Malatra.[9]



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