Battlefield archers are rangers trained to become the pinnacles of archery and are typically imagined as unrivaled in the use of ranged weapons. Calm in the heart of battle, battlefield archers rarely miss and are a valuable addition to any adventuring party.[1]


Battlefield archers train themselves to become paragons of marksmanship, gaining several abilities and marks of their specialization as a result. Battlefield archers rarely miss and their arrows are quite often lethal. Battlefield archers are deadly foes and even the most inexperienced ones find the only limit to their range of targets is the strength of their senses and ability to percieve their surrounding. Perhaps more worrying is that veteran battlefield archers also possess an uncanny evasiveness, proving more difficult to hit than most warriors even as they strike arrows in their foes.[1]

Battlefield archer exploits, as would be logical, focus on the use of ranged weapons, most often bows. Battlefield archers are swift and deadly and often leap from the felling of one foe to attacking another. With enough experience, battlefield archers learn quarry's bane, which enables them to attack several targets of their choosing all at once, sowing chaos in the battlefield. Battlefield archers commonly work with others as well and the combined fire exploit aids battlefield archers working with allies, allowing the archer to take tactical advantage of their combined efforts.[1]


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