Battlerise was a hamlet in southeastern Cormyr on the Way of the Manticore, situated west of the Darkflow River and south of the Vast Swamp.[1]


Battlerise was named for a local hill on top of which was the ruined Battlegate Castle. This castle was the seat of the extinct Auantiver noble family. The hamlet itself was once a larger village, but its population was greatly reduced after it was attacked by monsters raiding out of the Vast Swamp, including lizardfolk.[1]


Besides a small population of turnip farmers, the Margar family owned a waystable that was fortified with its own palisade. There the family traded fresh horses to travelers in exchange for their road-weary ones, or sold them outright.[1]

Various nobles attempted throughout the years to rebuild the castle on the hill in order to use it as a base for trade with neighboring Sembia.[1] However, their efforts were defeated by the presence of the Cult of the Dragon, who had already been using the vaults below the castle as a headquarters for their own sorcerous, clandestine operations.[1][2] Unbeknownst to the Margars, the Cult also had an agent installed as one of the hired hands working for the family.[2]



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