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Battletide was a divine spell wielded by clerics of Bane and Iyachtu Xvim that allowed a caster to sap the energy from nearby beings and transfer it to him- or herself[1][2]


Any lifeforms near to the caster, at a radius of at least 25' (7.6 m), would be slowed in their actions, feeling extremely lethargic. If any creatures or people who were hostile to the caster were within this area of effect, then the caster would be able to act with increased swiftness[1][2] like under a haste spell without suffering the detrimental effect of that one.[3]

The effects of battletide could be negated by an antimagic field or a successful casting of dispel magic.[1][2] Furthermore, resisting this spell became easier with time as this spell wore off.[3]


Battletide required verbal and somatic components and a divine focus.[1][2] Older versions of this spell required material components in the form of a piece of cobweb, human hair, or silk thread as long as the caster's hand.[3]