Bauh-yin were a lesser spirit found in Kara-Tur.[1]


Bauh-yin were humanoids with the heads of large felines. They usually had the head of a leopard, but rarely one was encountered with the head of a lion or other large feline.[1]


Bauh-yin were intelligent creatures. They were mute and were unable to vocally communicate. Despite this, they used signs and body language to communicate with others. Due to their hatred of water, they avoided crossing any body of water if they could.[1]


Bauh-yin had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of the fear, gate, invisibility, shape change, and teleport without error spells. They were immune to cold-, electricity-, and fire-based spells. Due to their hatred of water, they fled when faced with a water-based spell.[1]


Among the peasants of T'u Lung, bauh-yin were considered a good omen for the poor and a bad omen for the rich and powerful. Several riots by the peasants against their overlords were known to have been triggered by just the mere presence of a bauh-yin. Bauh-yin were the servants of the Black Leopard. They appeared when summoned by him and acted as his spies throughout Kara-Tur.[1]


Bauh-yin were usually only encountered within the watershed of the Fenghsintzu River in T'u Lung. This area was the traditional heart of the Black Leopard Cult.[1]


Bauh-yin were originally devout members of the Black Leopard Cult.[1]



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