Bauhei, colloquially known as the Black Leopard, was a greater spirit in T'u Lung.[1]


Bauhei was a very ancient spirit, ruling lands around Fenghsintsu province long before the rising of the Celestial Empire. His human followers formed the Black Leopard Cult to revere him. However, in time, with the ascendancy of Celestial Emperor, Bauhei lost most of his power and at last was enslaved by the greedy high priest of the cult, Nan Kung Chi, who started a regime that spread terror

Around −1370 DR, Emperor Tan Chin of Shou Lung decided to destroyed the cult. With the aid his friend, the poet wu jen Kar Wuan, Tan Chin went to the main temple in Durkon and managed to free Bauhei, who quickly killed Nan Kung Chi.[3]

In 1358 DR, Bauhei agreed to fight Dragon Claw and his followers in T'u Lung tried to oppose Dragon Claw's minions in all matters.[1] He sent a bauh-yin, a leopard-headed servant, to Ko La Ko to guide the adventuring party hired by Ko Ho San.[4]


Bauhei was truly chaotic neutral, that is, unaligned and free. He cared little for mortals but took sporadic interest in the secret society that took his name. He wuld be roused to action by those using his name in vain or using his old temples for evil activities.[1]



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