Bautha z'hin, meaning "dodge and walk", was a fighting style taught among drow. It made use of their natural agility and their favored light armor.[1]


As the name "dodge and walk" suggested, the fighting style was about dodging attacks and staying mobile.[1]

This style favored the tactic of surrounding an enemy and attacking on all sides. It was commonly used against bizarre monsters that not only had several ways to attack but also had long reach. Users of this style often cooperated with users of the z'ress a'thalak style for they could serve as good anchor points for flanking maneuvers.[1]


As the name suggested, would-be users needed to learn to dodge and to be mobile. They trained themselves to be able practitioners of hit-and-run tactics.[1]

Users also often learned the orb alur style to some degree.[1]


It was favored by drow rogues and fighters with rogue training, as well as clerics of Eilistraee and Vhaeraun.[1]

Users of this style often boasted about never being touched in a fight.[1]



This style is based on the Dodge, Mobility, and Spring Attack feat chain of 3rd-edition Dungeons & Dragons.


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