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Bazaar of the Bizarre was a long-running column published in Dragon magazine. The series debuted in July 1979 (Dragon #27) and ended in November 2013 (Dragon #429). They would discuss various magical items, classes, spells and weapons in the D&D multiverse.


Note that only articles relating to Realms canon (relating to the Forgotten Realms or Core D&D) appear here.

Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon #28 Bazaar of the Bizarre Len Lakofka Several new magic items added to the AD&D roster. [citation template]
Dragon #29 The Ring of the Necromancer Bill Howell A moderately powerful ring used to control undead. [citation template]
Dragon #33 Magical Oils Larry Walters Try Lotions Instead of Potions in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #34 Getting Into the Flow of Magic Fountains Tim Lasko Magic fountains and their effects. [citation template]
Dragon #39 Greenstone Amulet Ed Greenwood A highly prized magic item that provides mental protection. [citation template]
Dragon #39 Laeral's Storm Armor Ed Greenwood A magical armor that provides protection from heat, cold, and electricity. [citation template]
Dragon #39 Mists of Rapture Ed Greenwood A magical gas that causes its victims to writhe in pleasure. [citation template]
Dragon #40 Oriental Magic Items David Sweet A dozen magic items for Eastern settings. [citation template]
Dragon #40 Nidus' Wand of Endless Repetition Ed Greenwood A wand that forces a target to repeat his actions. [citation template]
Dragon #40 Wand of Ochalor’s Eye Ed Greenwood A wand that induces a very powerful Fear. [citation template]
Dragon #41 Arbane's Sword of Agility Ed Greenwood A sword that enhances the wielder's movement capabilities. [citation template]
Dragon #41 Glowing Globe Ed Greenwood A luminous floating globe. [citation template]
Dragon #41 Singing Sword Ed Greenwood A silver bastard sword that sings constantly (and loudly) when drawn. [citation template]
Dragon #45 Box of Many Holdings John Beck A cubical chest that has 6 magical storage compartments. [citation template]
Dragon #45 Ring of Oak Roger E. Moore A ring that allows a dryad to leave the vicinity of her tree. [citation template]
Dragon #47 Flute of Dismissing Richard Lucas An item that possesses the power to disrupt the magics that bind conjured or summoned monsters in their enchanted states. [citation template]
Dragon #47 Staff of Ethereal Action Ed Greenwood Also known as the Blink Staff, this item can strike creatures on the Ethereal as well as the Material Plane. [citation template]
Dragon #47 Syrar’s Silver Sword Ed Greenwood A blade that can breach planar barriers to strike creatures on the Astral and Ethereal Planes. [citation template]
Dragon #48 Bazaar of the Bizarre Roger E. Moore A very small list of undersea magic items. [citation template]
Dragon #54 More Feather Tokens Ed Greenwood More forms of Quaal's feather token. [citation template]
Dragon #62 Evil Dragon Armors Roger E. Moore What to do with that dragon after you've killed it. [citation template]
Dragon #120 Three that ring true Bill Birdsall Three new magic items for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #126 Treasures of the Orient Gregory W. Detwiler 12 new magic items with an Asian feel. [citation template]
Dragon #133 Magical quivers and unusual arrows Andrew Salamon, Ed Knight, and Gordon R. Menzies Q-&-A time again - unusual quivers and arrows that is. [citation template]
Dragon #134 Magical items for a less-than-serious NPC E. Paul Tobin 10 wacky magic items for jesters. [citation template]
Dragon #145 The Magic Fortress: Magical Items for Fantasy Castles J. Jasper Owens Magic items for fortresses, including several new spells for strengthening or shattering walls. [citation template]
Dragon #159 Magic from the stars Steven E. Schend 12 magic items for spelljammers, including an atmosphere cloak, from Gamalon Idogyr's shop on the Rock of Bral. [citation template]
Dragon #162 The Book of Horrors Christian Bök A compendium of terrifying spells. [citation template]
Dragon #169 A dozen deadly daggers from the Forgotten Realms Ed Greenwood Twelve magical daggers. [citation template]
Dragon #173 A Wizard's Staff is to Lean On Ed Greenwood Magical staffs, some with Forgotten Realms background. [citation template]
Dragon #174 Ioun stones: Where do you go if you want some more? Matthew P. Hargenrader All about Ioun stones, including new varieties. [citation template]
Dragon #181 Celestial Fury Chris Hind A katana from Kara-Tur with the spirit of a dragon that loves violence trapped inside it. [citation template]
Dragon #181 Dragon Bones Chris Hind Magic bones that aid in auguries. [citation template]
Dragon #187 Magic of earth and wood Matt Posner Druids need a boost - and here are the magical devices to do it. New magic items for druids. [citation template]
Dragon #188 Ten swords now lost (and up for grabs) Nathaniel S. Downes A set of special swords from the Forgotten Realms. [citation template]
Dragon #189 Something Magical for the Compleat Savage James R. Collier Magic items for "savage" player kits. [citation template]
Dragon #194 Tenser’s Bottling Co., Inc. Spike Y. Jones A plethora of new potions to add to your game. [citation template]
Dragon #200 Fourteen Keys to Adventure Johnathan M. Richards Fourteen magical devices to unlock a campaign's mysteries. [citation template]
Dragon #208 Magical Items for Your Favorite Horse Gordon R. Menzies A plethora of equine related magic. [citation template]
Dragon #214 Arcane Elven Artifacts Christopher Kutarna Magic items developed by elves. [citation template]
Dragon #220 Elven magic Robert S. Mullin Magic items of the elves. [citation template]
Dragon #221 Familiar Items James R. Collier Magic items for your wizard's best friend. [citation template]
Dragon #223 Nine Rings to Rule Them All Robert S. Mullin Nine magical rings. [citation template]
Dragon #224 Natural Endowments Steve Berman More magic items for druids. [citation template]
Dragon #226 Magical Scabbards and Sheath David Howery Sometimes, it's not the sword that's magical. Stuff to hold your stuff. [citation template]
Dragon #227 Dwarven Magical Items Robert S. Mullin Axes, warhelms, and other dwarf items. [citation template]
Dragon #233 Magical Armor Robert S. Mullin Armor, helms, and shields fit for a king. A variety of new magic items for AD&D. [citation template]
Dragon #234 Lich Magical Items Johnathan M. Richards Magic items for your favorite undead. [citation template]
Dragon #237 Long Shots Brian Dunnell New magical items to set your archers quiver. [citation template]
Dragon #238 The Rewards of Villainy Wolfgang Baur Magic items for your bad guys. [citation template]
Dragon #242 Magical Allies of the Forgotten Realms Setting Bruce Schmidt Four unique figurine of wondrous power-like items in the vein of Drizzt Do'Urden's Guenhwyvar. [citation template]
Dragon #243 Heroes' Armor Brian Dunnell A knight needs the finest in helms and armor. [citation template]
Dragon #244 Miracles of Flight James Wyatt and Steve Berman A number of magical items related to the gift of flight and control of air. [citation template]
Dragon #245 Dwarven Relics Kevin Melka This article includes information about Moradin's Anvil, an example of a dwarven relic. [citation template]
Dragon #246 Cauldrons and Cookery B.A. Landires Cooking utensils are mundane items that most PCs overlook as treasures. Fantasy literature includes many magical cauldrons and other cooking items. Here are a few more domestic magical items to spice up your game. [citation template]
Dragon #247 Magic that Works Sebastian Dietz Look here for some magic that works. Magic items for alchemists, merchants, and craftsmen. [citation template]
Dragon #249 A Traveler's Emporium Jeffrey N. Mendoza Magic items for the road. [citation template]
Dragon #250 Magic with Class Lloyd Brown III Magic items for specific classes. [citation template]
Dragon #252 Jack-o-lanterns Brian P. Hudson Magical gourds. [citation template]
Dragon #256 Tools of the Trade Mike Ferguson Magic items for thieves. [citation template]
Dragon #259 Sleep on It Drew Karpyshyn For the weary adventurer, a selection of the finest in pillows, blankets, and bedrolls. [citation template]
Dragon #261 Me and My Shadow Spike Y. Jones Shadow-based magic items. [citation template]
Dragon #262 Magic of the Wee Folk Andrew Turpin and Nathan E. Irving Magic items of the gnomes. [citation template]
Dragon #263 Blessings in Disguise Lloyd Brown III Not every cursed magical item is useless. Some are blessings in disguise. [citation template]
Dragon #265 Jungle Magic Jeffrey N. Mendoza To native and intruder alike, these enchanted prizes are jungle magic. [citation template]
Dragon #266 Limbo Draughts Steve Berman Powerful and unpredictable potions. [citation template]
Dragon #267 The Eyes Have It Ron C. Poirier Magic eyes. [citation template]
Dragon #268 Power at a Price Simon Horton Magic items with drawbacks. [citation template]
Dragon #270 Armor of the Abyssal Lords Paul Fraser Artifact armors. [citation template]
Dragon #273 For Glory, Love, and All the Right Reasons Alexander Wilson and Justin Paulette Items for those less than true at heart. [citation template]
Dragon #275 Armor of Virtue Johnathan M. Richards Magical paladin armor. [citation template]
Dragon #277 Soargar's Legacy George Krashos This article introduced five new magical swords of the Forgotten Realms. [citation template]
Dragon #281 Imaskarcana: Faces of Magic Robert Sullivan Magical masks of the Realms. [citation template]
Dragon #284 Hoard of the Howling Wyrm Robert Harris Loot fit for a dragon. [citation template]
Dragon #288 Vampire Slayer's Toolbox Joseph R. Terrazzino Anti-vampire gizmos. [citation template]
Dragon #289 Cup & Chalice Owen K.C. Stephens Various magical ways to drink. [citation template]
Dragon #291 Good Things Come in Small Packages Brian Dunnell and Jonathan Richards Magic items for gnomes. [citation template]
Dragon #295 And the Walls Came Tumbling Down... Eric Cagle New siege weapons and ammunition. [citation template]
Dragon #299 Wizard's Toy Box Christopher Coyle Magical toys. [citation template]
Dragon #300 By the Hands of Hags F. Wesley Schneider New magic items crafted by hags. [citation template]
Dragon #302 Arcane Armor Johnathan M. Richards A variety of magical armor. [citation template]
Dragon #305 Mirror Mirror, on the Wall Jacqui Smith Magic mirrors. [citation template]
Dragon #328 Treasures of the Elven Empire Richard Farrese Discover the magic of the ancient elven empires. [citation template]
Dragon #330 Tools of the Assassin Oliver Diaz and Robert J. Hahn Assassin magic items. [citation template]
Dragon #331 Insidious Items Timothy T. Murphy Warped and cursed items. [citation template]
Dragon #332 In Defense of Home and Hoard Greg Marks Magic items for dragons who want a little extra protection against the PCs. [citation template]
Dragon #333 Treasures of the Gnome Hills Richard Farrese Discover the magical ingenuity of gnomes. [citation template]
Dragon #334 Arsenal of the War Mages Scott Noel Unusual magic weapons and other accouterments. [citation template]
Dragon #335 Swamp Swag Amber Scott Items you might steal from those Lizardfolk. [citation template]
Dragon #336 Curious of Corruption Gregory Marks Use these items of horror...if you dare!. [citation template]
Dragon #337 Magic Face Paints Troy E. Taylor Magic face designs. [citation template]
Dragon #341 Animated Antiquities Jeremy Hogg Magic items that make peoples' lives easier. [citation template]
Dragon #342 Healer's Touch John E. Ling Jr. Healing magic items. [citation template]
Dragon #345 For and Against the Giants William L. Christensen Check out what giants have in their bags besides just rocks. [citation template]
Dragon #347 A Mastery of Elements Greg Marks Nine new magic items with elemental powers. [citation template]
Dragon #350 Wizard's Workshop James Lafond Sutter Some non-combat items for wizards. [citation template]
Dragon #378 Primal Treasures Kolja Raven Liquette These new primal-themed magic items are suitable for many classes, but they're especially great for your barbarian, shaman, druid, or warden. [citation template]
Dragon #384 Legendary Figurines Eytan Bernstein More figurines of wondrous power. [citation template]
Dragon #386 The Items of the Drizzt Saga Eytan Bernstein Information on many of the items featured in the Legend of Drizzt novels. [citation template]
Dragon #392 Illumian Echoes Robert J. Schwalb The illumian race is gone, but the words of power which led to their downfall still echo through the ruins of their dead world. [citation template]
Dragon #394 Legendary Eladrin Items Matthew Sernett Who knows when a thing thought to exist only in the mind of bards might leap into the lives of those around it as readily as any story might fire their imaginations? Such is the case with these four legendary items. [citation template]
Dragon #400 Wrought from Gloom Claudio Pozas and Robert J. Schwalb The magic items introduced here have strong ties to the world’s darkest reflection. Some are relics of bygone eras, once held in the hands of powerful wielders of shadow magic, or forged by ancient masters in the shadows of Gloomwrought. [citation template]
Dragon #408 Treasures of the Elemental Chaos Michael H. Haneline This article describes several items which originated in the Elemental Chaos. [citation template]
Dragon #416 In A Vampiric Vein Walter Kammerer Vampires need more than blood to survive. Here’s a small trove of magic items popular among children of the night. [citation template]
Dragon #417 Magic Dice Alana Joli Abbott I guess you could say we’re on a roll. Lucky Bags o' Bones, Four-Sided Caltrops, and more. [citation template]
Dragon #428 Treasures from the Far Realm Eytan Bernstein A magic item crafted in the Far Realm may be useful in mortal hands, but never let one fool you into thinking it's your friend. [citation template]
Dragon #429 Dine on the Wild Side Peter Schaefer In all the distant and mystical places that exist across the realms, people eat the most amazing things. [citation template]
Dragon Annual
Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon Annual #2 Magical Cups and Flasks Oren Schnurr Here are some cups and flasks to hold that brew that is true. [citation template]
Dragon Annual #4 The Bare Necessities Jeremy Johannesen Don't leave home without these useful, if not terribly powerful, magical items. [citation template]
Dragon Annual #5 Secrets of the Master Smiths Christian Paul McLeod A look at new building materials and masterwork items. [citation template]


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