Bazamarl was the leader of a cell of the Cult of Reborn Flame that operated out of Sambral, one of the Windrise Ports of Laerakond, in 1479 DR.[4]


Bazamarl was a bald human male with an oiled mustache and beard.[1]


Bazalmarl was magically protected against harm by fire.[4]


In 1479 DR, Bazamarl was the leader of the cell of the Cult of Reborn Flame in Sambral. His job was to care for the cult's magical pet, the Firebird. To feed the Firebird, Bazalmarl commanded his fellow cultists to kidnap citizens on a regular basis.[1]

Bazalmarl was killed by a band of adventurers that were sent by Halagothra the Healer to Sambral to destroy the cell of the cult operating there.[2]


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