Bazim-Gorag the Firebringer was an ascended primordial and one of the five elemental lords of Toril,[2] and formerly a batrachi and a slaad lord.[3][4]


Bazim-Gorag was a frog-like humanoid with red-gold skin and two froglike heads. Larger than an ogre, he carried a huge glaive of black iron, wreathed in dark flames.[1]


Bazim-Gorag claimed a massive empire on the supercontinent of Merrouroboros during the later half of the Days of Thunder. The leader of the Batrachi empires, Zhoukoudien, who had led his people to the zenith of their power, entered into a wasteful conflict with the giants to the north, which decimated the carefully built-up batrachi lands. Not long later, the Tearfall struck Toril and the Batrachi, on the advice of the god Ramenos, fled to Limbo where they created the Supreme Throne. Ramenos's influence eventually caused the batrachi to turn into creatures most sages confused with the slaadi.[5]

He eventually became the most powerful member of his transformed species, but didn't openly offend the slaad lords Ygorl and Ssendam, therefore saving his own skin.[6]

In −585 DR, Ar-magus Ilviroon summoned Bazim-Gorag to save the wizard school called the Tower of the Star from a horde of trolls. Bazim-Gorag scattered the horde but Ilviroon refused to pay him the high price he demanded. So Bazim-Gorag destroyed the tower and slew several of the school's most powerful wizards as well but Ilviroon managed to imprison Bazim-Gorag underneath the tower. The next year, the horde returned, even greater in number. Ilviroon was forced to ask Bazim-Gorag to help once again but this time it was Bazim-Gorag who would refuse and Ilviroon was slain in the ensuing battle. Unfortunately, with Ilviroon, died the only knowledge of how to release Bazim-Gorag from his imprisonment.[3][4]

In the 14th century DR, Bazim-Gorag's prison was found by the Company of the Riven Orb. Although the adventurers were unable to free him, they weakened Bazim-Gorag's prison enough for him to exert his influence on Toril. He called many evil beings to his service. They founded the Acolytes of the Hidden Flame sect to research a way to free Bazim-Gorag from his prison.[1]

At some point after the Spellplague, Bazim-Gorag was freed from his prison and ascended to the status of primordial. He claimed the Pandemonium Stone as his home and was worshiped on Toril as one of the elemental lords. He was revered as a patron of Chaos itself and invoked by those who wanted a twist of fate.[2]




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