Beast claw was a divine magic spell available to clerics of Malar, the Beastlord. It transformed the caster's arms and hands into burly limbs covered in fur ending in sharp talons.[1]


This spell lasted for at least three minutes—even longer for more experienced casters. It could be dispelled before the time limit at the will of the caster. Beast claw granted exceptional strength and speed to the caster, allowing an attack with both claws in the space of time normally used to swing a weapon once. The caster lost no agility while his or her hands were in beast claw form. Writing with a quill and ink, wielding a weapon, manipulating small objects, or casting a spell with a somatic component were all possible while beast claw was in effect. However, using a weapon instead of the claws forfeited all benefits to attacking except the boost in strength.[1]

The arms and talons were immune to alteration magic, so they remained their original shape and size even if the caster changed shape or was polymorphed. The furry appendages could be damaged or withered, but the caster's arms reverted back to their original state when the beast claw spell ended, erasing any damage they incurred while transformed.[1]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1]



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