Beast stalkers are expert archer rangers who specialize in the hunting and slaying of magical beasts. Beast stalkers track their prey through the dangerous wilds and through skill and training fell them with remarkable ease. Beast stalkers also, when required, can turn their methods against other creatures.[1]


Beast stalker training reflects the chosen profession the stalkers take on, that of beast slaying. Beast stalkers are taught early on to deal death quickly and with uncanny accuracy, and little room is left for error. In order to prevent their own deaths, beast stalkers are trained to maintain their mobility within combat, shifting from one place to another in order to remain a difficult target. Though beast stalkers are deadly against most opponents, each individual stalker specialized in one of two forms of enemies, regular beasts or their magical kin.[1]

Beast slayer exploits focus on making the ranger using them as deadly as possible and even inexperienced slayers can often pinpoint the exact location of their foe, even if it is concealed, striking it with an arrow. Hunter's grace allows beast stalkers to move quickly while remaining unseen and unheard into position for a quick strike. With further training, beast slayers also learn beast slayer's target which streamlines their attacks against a particular foe of their choice.[1]


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