Beatrice Weatherspoon was the Master Thespian within the Fellowship of Bards, Performers and Artists, as well as their stage director in the Ravens Bluff Playhouse, during the late 14th century DR. Prior to her officer role within the guild, Beatrice had a long history of performing within the city, as she found success as a Ravenian actress her whole life.[1]

Beatrice Weatherspoon had an elitist attitude towards the performing arts. She couldn't comprehend how the lower classes of the Bluff could fully appreciate "True Art" and disagreed with Guildmaster O'Lyre's outlook that art should be made readily available to all Faerûnians. If she had her way, all plays would be performed in Elven, as it was the "language of Art".[1]

She was fluent in both the spoken, and written forms of the elven language, in addition to the Master-level skills she possessed in singing, dancing, poetry composition and recital, harp-playing, voice-mimicry and, of course, acting.[1]


A beautiful woman throughout her life, Beatrice was the epitome of aging with grace. She possessed delicate, elven features highlighted by high cheekbones and her long, greying-brown hair she almost always wore in a tight bun.[1]

As a director, Master Weatherspoon demanded near-perfection from her cast and crew on show night and absolutely could not stand when actors forgot their lines, or even worse, attempted improvisation. Her husband's impromptu, last-minute changes exasperated her, though in the end she knew he had impeccable comedic timing.[2]


She descended from a long line of Master Thespians who had collectively performed in nearly every metropolis in western Faerûn, from Arrabar and Waterdeep down to Baldur's Gate and as far south as Athkatla. Beatrice, however, had been acting in Ravens Bluff her whole life.

When Arrion Weatherspoon joined the Ravenian bards' guild, Beatrice was quite taken with him, and his skill as an illusionist.[1] The couple often worked together on productions, with Beatrice in the director's chair and Arrion handling the stage's atmosphere using behind-the-scenes, arcane special effects. Though she couldn't stand when he changed any of his enchantments or illusions, typically to uproarious laughter, she often forgave his impulses as his comedic timing was perfect.[2]

In 1366 DR, Beatrice took Arrion's name in marriage. After their union, she lost some of her more militant behaviors around the theater and was generally much more relaxed and content.[1]



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