A bebolt, (also known as a belbolt[1][3][4]) but more commonly called a "bolt",[1][2][3] was a coin minted in Chessenta and regularly traded in the region of Faerûn that included the Border Kingdoms, Tashalar, the Vilhon Reach, and lands to the south of these. It was accepted at its full value (twenty gold pieces[1][3]) in places like Amn, Scornubel, and Westgate, but was not recognized in Cormyr, Sembia, the Dalelands, the Dragon Reach, the Moonsea, the Sword Coast, or Tethyr. In Waterdeep and Calimshan, it was considered "a heavy" and valued at two gold pieces.[1][2][3]

Description[edit | edit source]

The bolt was a thick coin with an overall circular shape, but it had two indentations diametrically opposite each other that made it look like two small spoonfuls of gold had been removed from an otherwise circular coin. If held so the indentations were at the top and bottom, the coin resembled two rounded axe blades facing in opposite directions and fused back-to-back. The unusual shape made this coin distinctive, but after she became a war hero, the bebolt was minted with a bust of Shala Karanok wearing a crown on the obverse, and the burning brand of House Luthcheq on the reverse.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

This coin was originally minted long ago in a city somewhere in Chessenta, but the name of the city has been forgotten.[1][2][3] As of the reign of Shala Karanok, the Chessentan mint was in Luthcheq. The bebolt and its sibling, the authokh, were used instead of the platinum piece as a convenient trading currency by merchants who traveled extensively in the region.[3][4]

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