A beer, or a brew, was a type of alcoholic beverage.[1][4][5][6]


Beer was a very popular beverage that was consumed all over Faerûn.[1][4][5][6] The drink was divided into two categories: ale, such as Shadowdark ale, and lager, such as Golden Sands Brews, though lager was much rarer than ale. Whilst ale was both flavorful and colorful, lager was light in both weight and color, and was often bland.[1]


Beer was often consumed for enjoyment, as well as its intoxicative effects. It could be bought at many establishments, where it could either be consumed within, or purchased to take away. In pubs, beer was usually sold in mugs. In other places, such as shops, beer could be found in bottles,[6] hand kegs,[1] casks,[1][5] barrels,[1] butts,[1] and tuns.[1] Depending on its volume, beer could sell from a few copper pieces to several gold pieces.[1]



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