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The beetle was an insect found in many places and variations in the Forgotten Realms, often in giant sizes.


Giant bombardier beetleEdit

Giant bombardier beetles were able to emit an acid cloud that burned enemies.[4]

Giant boring beetleEdit

Giant boring beetles were large and favored eating wood.[4]

Giant fire beetleEdit

Giant fire beetles were large (about 2 ft long), nocturnal insects. They had two glands, one above each eye, that produced a red glow.[5]

Giant scarab beetleEdit

Giant scarab beetles, which could be up to 12 ft (4 m) long, were found in many locations in the Underdark.[6]

Shrub beetleEdit

The shrub beetle was known in Cormanthor for jumping into River Ashaba to cool off, but sinking and drowning.[7]



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