The Beggar's Nest was one of the districts of Neverwinter in the 14th century DR.[1]


The Beggar's Nest comprised the southeast quadrant of the city. It was named for the district's inhabitants, the poorest of Neverwinter.[1]



During the city's struggle with the Wailing Death in 1372 DR, the Beggar's Nest was the most afflicted, as the plague first appeared there. The district was soon overrun by undead, as many of the inhabitants of the district died to the plague and a yuan-ti named Gulnan took advantage of the chaos to raise an army of undead. Eventually, the Hero of Neverwinter defeat the yuan-ti and disrupts his necromantic ritual, putting an end to the undead nightmare.[1]


When Mount Hotenow erupted in 1451 DR, bringing about the destruction of most of Neverwinter, the Beggar's Nest was completely destroyed by the earthquakes that followed the cataclysm. A huge, canyon-like chasm replaced most of the district.[2]

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