The Beguiler was a species of exceptionally intelligent, non-aggressive mouse-like creature that possessed several astounding qualities.[1]


These magical beasts were the size of a small dog, about one foot tall and two feet long.[1] They had sharp retractable claws, a hairless, prehensile tail and a fur coat that was capable of changing its shade and hue at will.[2]



Beguilers were omnivores, preferring to eat water-rich cacti, field mice or the eggs of small ground-birds that were common to arid plains.[1]

Magical PowersEdit

In addition to having darkvision and low-light vision, beguilers could naturally see through any illusion as per the spell true seeing. They also had fur that was capable of giving them natural camouflage, or even change to fantastic colors that would not normally appear in the wild. These two traits made beguilers highly valued to both wizards, to serve as their familiars as well as poachers.[1] It is unknown if their ability to speak the common language was also a magic ability.[2]

The source of their magic has been mystery, though some that theorized their manifestations as a survival mechanism to evade their natural predators, the ethereal marauder.[1]



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