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Beholder zombies were powerful zombies created from the reanimated corpses of dead beholders with the use of necromantic magic. Unlike the despotic death tyrants, they were mindless servants and retained no memory of their living selves.[1]


Beholder zombies were decrepit and decayed, rotting corpses that barely resembled their original form. They could still hover but many of their eye rays were non-functional.[1]


Like normal zombies, beholder zombies were hard to keep down, mindlessly attacking anything in sight. Those who created them could give them simple orders to make them harder to face, but without these commands their attacks were entirely random. Their orders would need to be in Deep Speech or Undercommon so that they could be understood. The only rays still functional were paralysis, disintegration, enervation, and fear. It could use any of these at random, or attempt to bite living beings.[1]

Notable Beholder Zombies[]

In the late 15th century DR, the Xanathar's Thieves' Guild employed a beholder zombie to perform raid missions in Waterdeep.[4]



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