Bejung was a settlement in the kingdom of Koryo in Kara-Tur around 1357 DR. It lay on the western side of Kang Bay.[1]


In ancient times, the area held a city later called Old Bejung. However, with the eruption of the nearby Kanko volcano, it was engulfed in poisonous gas that killed all the people, before the city itself was obliterated in a matter of seconds and buried in ash. Over time, the site of the city was lost.[2]

However, by 1357 DR, the location of Old Bejung had been found again. A barbarian called Yuf Bawrax discovered an entrance into the ruins of the city; he declined to step foot inside, but would show it to others.[2]


There was a tavern called The Sharpening House in Bejung.[2]

North of Bejung were farmlands. The wealthy merchant Merquam Pang owned a well-guarded estate here.[3]


Since Old Bejung had been destroyed and buried so swiftly, many speculated that its treasures had survived and were plentiful, but it was an enormous burial mound to search through.[2]



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