Beldenshyn, nicknamed "the Bell" and derogatorily called "Goatreek" and "the Goatstink", was a gnome village in the Fields of the Dead, circa the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


Beldenshyn was located west of Trollclaw Ford on the south side of the Winding Water on the southernmost curve of that river.[1]


This community manufactured and sold crossbows and bolts.[1]


The village was surrounded by a stockade, and the residents were sure-shots with crossbows.[1]


Dragon267-Ron Spencer-Goat

One of the four-legged denizens of Beldenshyn.

The residents of Beldenshyn raised long-haired goats that grazed around the village, both inside and outside the walls. Unfortunately, these hirsute ungulates had an odor that most humans found disgusting, thus giving the village the disparaging nicknames that were bandied about in places like Scornubel.[1]



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