Hammer of the God Beldryn Klynrin was a priest of Tempus from Sembia who traveled often to Voonlar during the time period roughly corresponding to the term of Bron (sheriff) Buorstag Hlammythyl,[1][2] i.e., from about 1355 DR[3] until at least 1372 DR.[4]


Beldryn feared neither man nor beast because he served the Lord of Battles. His nickname was Beldryn the Bold. He did not mince words and did not hesitate to confront anyone about matters of faith and the proper way to worship Tempus.[1][2]


He traveled often from his base in northern Sembia, passing through Voonlar to check on the local shrine to Tempus, the House of the Helm. Beldryn made it clear to the Bron and his deputies that he would not tolerate any thefts or defacing of the shrine and would hold them responsible if any such acts were discovered. He also had no qualms against confronting agents of the Zhentarim or the Cyricists from the local temple, the Dark God Reformed, if their machinations ran counter to the well-being of the shrine.[1][2]

When traveling, Beldryn Klynrin was typically accompanied by at least two veteran warriors and one or more clerics of lower rank.[1][2]


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