Belial (pronounced: /biˈlʊlbee-LY-ul[4] Loudspeaker listen) was an archdevil and the power behind the throne of Phlegethos, although his daughter Fierna was ruler in name.[5] He resided in the city of Abriymoch in a palace of jagged obsidian built on one lip of the caldera.[citation needed]


Belial foughts with a mighty ranseur.[6]


Belial and Fierna BoVD

Belial being way too close to his daughter Fierna.


Following the Reckoning, Belial was demoted from official to unofficial ruler of Phlegethos, with Fierna taking the mantle of rulership and Belial wearing the mantle of leadership. This situation suited both just fine until Glasya's ascension to rulership of Malbolge. Since then, Fierna struck a fast friendship with Glasya, and at her urging was moving to gain greater independence from her father (and rumored consort). Moreover, since the death of Fierna's mother Naome (Belial's former consort), both devils now shared the mutual grief of having a dead mother. This fact caused them to become even more united.[citation needed]

Belial, for his part, was attempting to keep tabs on his daughter's behavior without provoking her to greater autonomy, even putting many of his schemes against Levistus, Lord of Stygia, on hold. Belial was also considering various actions against Glasya to make her a less appealing role model for Fierna. He was fully aware that the line he trod was thin, however, as any obvious strikes against Asmodeus's daughter could not only inspire his own progeny to rebellion, but be construed as moves against Asmodeus himself.[2][7]



Belial is based on the Belial of medieval demonology, who is in turn based on various early Jewish and Christian references.


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