The Believers was a secret society in Red Larch active until the end of the Elemental Evil crisis.[1]


The Believers wasn't exactly a cult, although it had special ceremonies and rites had been passed down for generations, but it also wasn't a civic organization, despite the fact that some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in Red Larch were members. The members of the Believers used their secret association to lead the businesses in the village, ruining competitors and sometimes taking care of local troublemakers when they crossed a line.[1]


The founding of the Believers was connected to the discovery by local miners of a secret underground chamber beneath the town. The miners began using the chamber to honor those who had died in quarry accidents and to appease Beshaba, goddess of misfortune and accidents. The Believers gathered secretly at the tomb once every nine nights to see if any stones had moved; if any had moved they met again on the next night to discuss what the movements might mean and what was to be done. They kept the tomb and its strange secret to themselves.[1]

In 1491 DR, the Cult of the Black Earth discovered their secret and became interested. A Black Earth priest named Larrakh came to Red Larch to steer the group toward the worship of elemental earth. The cultists planned to use the Believers to conquer the village at the right time.[2] That same year, under secret suggestions from Larrakh, three Believers—Ilmeth Waelvur, Marlandro Gaelkur, and Albaeri Mellikho—killed some people in order to protect the secret of the Believers. This backfired on them, as soon some adventurers came to investigated and uncovered the Believers.[3] The folk of Red Larch were shocked to learn that many of their most respected fellow citizens were part of a secret cabal.[1]

The other citizens of Red Larch shunned the Believers over subsequent months, and the Believers turned against one another. Many retreated into seclusion, and some left the town.[4]

Base of OperationsEdit

The Believers met only at the Tomb of Moving Stones, the underground chamber under the town. Strange things happened in the chamber, such as heavy stones levitating and moving about when no one was around.[1]




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