Belkram was an insane undead dwarf of Clan Melairkyn inside Undermountain in 1375 DR.[2]


Belkram resided in his tomb in the citadel of Belkram's Fall, protecting the Crown Adamant. He would attack anyone that tried to recover it, even the rightful heir.[2] He had with him a fiendish dire wolf.[1]


Belkram was the high cleric of Dumathoin in Clan Melairkyn. Somehow, he acquired the Crown Adamant, which Belkram granted to King Melair I for his coronation. Afterward, Belkram was tasked by Dumathoin to always keep an eye upon the crown.[3]

However, in time he tried to find a way to end his task, growing so desperate that he betrayed the location of the Crown to the drow of House Tanor'Thal. The drow raided Melairbode and Dumathoin cursed him to become an undead and guard the Crown for eternity. For a time, he lived as a hermit in the Underdark. Later, trying to die, he jumped inside a lava tube but in time his body regenerated itself.[3]

Later, he retreated into the cemetery of Melair kings in the citadel in order to protect the Crown Adamant.[4]

If the rightful heir of Clan Melairkyn regained the Crown, Belkram's curse would finally ended and he would die for good.[1]


In life, Belkram became frustrated that he must dedicate all his life to the Crown and this caused him to make very horrible decisions.[3]

In undeath, Belkram manifested a strange mix of honor and insanity. He wanted to kill everyone but respected able warriors.[1]


While he wore the crown, Belkram regenerated his injures constantly.[1]


Tales told by bards said that Belkram jumped head first into a vast lava tube within Undermountain for no apparent reason.[5]




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