The Bell in the Depths was one of the great mysterious sites in the Moonsea area. It was connected with legendary Northkeep, an island kingdom that was the first human citadel on the Moonsea.[1] Northkeep was a great and magical city, and it was while under the protection of those magics that humanity began to press back the orc hordes and take command of the sea.

The power of Northkeep made it an obvious target for orcs, giants, and other evil races. However, these creatures were not inclined toward sea action, until the day when (according to legend) 40,000 inhuman mages, shamans, witch doctors, and priests of all foul races gathered on the northern shore of the Moonsea, and began to chant, bringing the vengeance of their gods down upon the human interlopers. Their gods (at least some of them) came and destroyed their priests for disturbing them, but they also sank Northkeep beneath the waves.[2]

The upper reaches of Northkeep —its slender, now-broken spires— could be seen beneath the water by boats that sailed near by. This was not attempted often, as the region was said to be haunted by the original defenders of Northkeep, seeking company in their watch over the Cold Lands. On foggy nights the bell could be heard as far away as Hillsfar.


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