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Belladonna, or wolfsbane was a type of poisonous herb[6]


Being a type of flowering plant, belladonnas produced delicate purple flowers.[5]


Belladonna were most famous for their ability to cure lycanthropy. However, they were also toxic - anyone eating them was likely to find themselves weakened physically.[6] Consumption of their flowers was capable of inducing state of death-like sleep.[5]


Belladonna was known to grow in Bloodbark Grove in the High Moor,[7] as well as on the small Isle of Balduran, in the Trackless Sea[3]

Belladonna was known to grown in both the Prime Material plane and the Feywild.[2]


If a victim bitten by a lycanthrope ate a sprig of belladonna within an hour of the bite, they had a chance of not contracting the disease.[6][8] The belladonna, however, had to be relatively fresh, not picked any later than a week ago.[6]

Though consumption of belladonna worked equally as well for giants and giant-kin infected with lycanthropy, they needed to consume much larger amounts than the smaller humanoid races.[9]

Belladonna was used as a material component for a variety of charms, potions, and spells. Because of this they were frequently harvested by hags and witches.[2] One spell known to require belladonna was protection from poison.[10] It was also used in gas bombs invented by the lycanthrope-hunting organization known as the Silver Stake.[11]



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