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Bellan was an officer in the Flaming Fist mercenary company during the mid–14th century DR.[1] Bellan commanded the Baldurain colony of Fort Flame, which overlooked the Bay of Balduran along the southeastern coast of Anchorome.[3]


In 1364 DR, Bellan, along with Scar, Desedrak, Yulimtul and some 500 Fist members embarked upon an expedition for the fabled lands of Anchorome. The journey was met with perils from the onset, although they eventually found safety in the port city of Helmsport in Maztica.[4]

The group split within the city, with Desedrak and Yulimtul embarking overland northwest across the continent in search of the legendary City of Gold. Bellan continued on with Scar and nearly 300 Flaming Fist and some 60 Eagle Knight warriors, sailing further north. After battling a contingent of sahuagin from the undersea city of Itzcali, they arrived in the verdant coastlands of Anchorome.[3]

They traveled inland on foot, and found old ruined sets of armor and broken weapons, which they believed were left from the famed Balduran's lost voyage. Unfortunately Scar, Bellan and their allies were set upon by wild elves and forced to make a fighting retreat back to the coast. By the time they withdrew to the coast, their backs against the sea, there were only 100 survivors.[3] Bellan and the majority of the explorers remained in the bay, where they founded the colony of Fort Flame.[2] Thanks to the efforts of Scar and a small contingent that journeyed back south to Helmsport, the forces at Fort Flame were finally reinforced in the year 1366 DR by a group that included elves who sought to open communication with the indigenous elven communities.[5]