Bellany Tundash was a wizard who worked for the famous pirate Sheila Kree in the late 1360s DR. She was one of her more trusted lieutenants.[1]


She was Morik the Rogue's lover.[1]


Bellany was Sheila Kree's ship wizard. After Kree was warned of a certain drow elf that was going to go after her, she sent Bellany to get information about the previous owner of Aegis-fang, Wulfgar. Bellany went to Luskan and asked Morik the Rogue, an old lover from back when she was an apprentice. She learned Morik had been visited by Drizzt, so she took him with her to Sheila so her captain could interrogate him further.[1]

When the pirates stayed in their hideout, Bellany became Morik's lover once again. When the Companions of the Hall stormed the place, she decided not to kill Regis when she had the opportunity to do so. When Wulfgar threatened her, Morik interceded on her behalf, as he had once saved Wulfgar's life.[1]

After Kree, her pirates, and their ogre associates died,[1] Bellany went back to Luskan and lived with Morik there.[2]

She joined the Host Tower of the Arcane, where she was placed among the lowliest members. When the battle for Luskan started circa 1377 DR, she was among those who chose not to fight Captain Deudermont and served Ship Rethnor with Morik. Morik sent her away to protect her, paying Maimun to take her in his ship.[2]

After the winter, the four remaining High Captains of Luskan joined forces to drive Deudermont away. Robillard fought the lich Arklem Greeth, who'd attacked the Sea Sprite. After the battle, in which Robillard destroyed the lich (but not his phylactery), Morik saved Robillard from drowning thanks to a fly spell that Bellany had cast on him.[2]




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