Belorgan is a noble house of Cormyr.

family head is the Earl of Wyvernshores, the farmland along the southeastern coast of the Wyvernwater. The Belorgan estates are called Mossfarms. The courtesy titles of Baron of Lowbridge (a village) and Baron of Mossfarms (the Belorgan estates) are unused but held by Harlo in case he has additional children. Windkeep and Fallturret are the names of the two castles owned by the Belorgans. The titles Baron of Windkeep and baron of Fallturret are additional titles held in reserve by the Belorgans, after the two Belorgan castles.

Living membersEdit

  • Harlo Belorgan, son and heir of Lord Belorgan, currently titled Viscount of Juniril, father of Raedlar ("Red") Belorgan
  • Alclaera Belorgan, wife of Harlo and mother of Raedlar
  • Thaelmra Belorgan, younger sister of Harlo, took Raedlar's title of Baroness of Forgemarket upon his death. [PoF,p.12]

Family Members Recently AliveEdit

Raedlar Belorgan, one of five young men who attempted to assassinate Princess Tanalasta during the Abraxus Affair in 1369 DR and was killed in the attempt, rumored to have Raedlar, was titled Baron of Forgemarket (a market crossroads in the Wyvernshores countryside).

Deceased membersEdit