The Beloved Ranger was a large statue located in Baldur's Gate that portrayed a larger-than-life depiction of the Rashemi ranger Minsc and his companion Boo.[3] It was the the only structure allowed to permanently grace the ever-bustling marketplace of the Upper City,[1] and was a particular favorite meeting spot that was rather cherished by the Baldurian populace.[3][4]


The sculpture depicted the peculiar hero of the city with his distinct smile as he held his "giant pygmy space hamster" with care.[3]


Each morning before dawn, the Bailiff of the Wide and their subordinates gathered around the statue to discuss changes in market-stall locations and prepare for the activities of the day.[1]


The Beloved Ranger was erected sometime around the Year of the Dauntless Dwarves, 1412 DR, by Orburt Lewel, a rather eccentric merchant. This honorific deed was taken as a sort of thanks, as apparently Minsc had saved Lewel's life from some long-forgotten peril.[3]

In 1479 DR, a group of teenagers vandalized the statue, breaking off its hands and Boo. The vandals were later apprehended and the statue was fixed.[5]

One night, in the 1480s DR, the wild mage Delina was being chased through the Upper City by a pair of gargoyles. She stopped running in the Wide and stood her ground at the foot of the Beloved Ranger. When she cast a spell, the errant effects of the wild magic struck the statue and seemingly brought Minsc and Boo back to life, destroying the statue in the process.[6]



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