The beloved of Lurue are forest-living maidens who forever forswear mortal love to follow the unicorn deity Lurue, forming a close bond with unicorns.[1]


The beloved of Lurue come from all walks of life, but share two major characteristics: all are champions of good, and all are mortal women who have forsworn mortal men. Most often they were exalted rangers or druids, given those classes' inborn affinity to nature, but paladins and even fighters have also been known to take this class. Though there are no racial restrictions, most beloved of Lurue are humans, elves, and half-elves.

Beloved of Lurue are solitary and shun civilization. They create for themselves a forest refuge and maintain few contacts with the outside world, much like druids. Woe betide the evildoer who comes too close to this refuge, for the beloved is a combatant on par with the paladin, and has a smattering of other abilities including the ability to call upon animal allies, particularly a unicorn. The bond between unicorn and beloved is stronger than even that between a paladin and his mount, and is closer than the bond between the beloved and her own family. Just as she relies on the unicorn, the unicorn relies on her to protect its own mysteries.[1]

Chastity and FaithEdit

The beloved's chastity and goodness are intertwined with her very being. Should a beloved of Lurue ever willingly sleep with a mortal, the unicorn will leave her without regret. (It should be noted that the Book of Exalted Deeds does not mention the consequences of sex with an immortal or deity, nor does it require the character to be a virgin when taking this class.)

Because of the solitary life of the beloved of Lurue, it is rare for them to join ranks with others. They are at their most comfortable around paladins, but will associate with any good characters in time of trouble. They barely tolerate neutral characters and will never knowingly associate with evildoers. If needed, a beloved of Lurue and her unicorn will leave their forest sanctuary to fight evil.[1]

Beloved of Lurue AbilitiesEdit

Weapons and Armor Proficiencies
A beloved of Lurue is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with light armor, and small shields.
A beloved of Lurue has the ability to cast a small number of divine spells. Her spellcasting is Wisdom-based, and she prepares and casts them as a cleric does.
Call Unicorn
A beloved of Lurue gains the ability to call a unicorn to her side. This companion appears instantly and serves the character for life, provided she maintains her chastity and good alignment. The unicorn can be dismissed at any time, but if dismissed, the beloved cannot gain another until she gains a level in the beloved of Lurue class. This restriction also applies if the unicorn dies before she does. She may have no more than one unicorn at a time, but can use it as a mount or assign it to undertake tasks under her supervision.
Telepathic Bond
A beloved of Lurue can speak with her unicorn telepathically out to a maximum distance of 100 miles + the beloved's character level.
At 6th level, this ability expands to encompass any animal native to the unicorn's home forest.
Unicorns are very long-lived, and a beloved gains this longevity and slow aging as long as she has a unicorn serving her.
Ethereal Jaunt
2nd level beloveds can become ethereal once per day as a spell-like ability. If she uses this power while riding her unicorn, the creature also becomes ethereal. If she dismounts while the ability is still in effect, the unicorn instantly returns to the Prime.
Forest Dweller
Time spent in the forest begins to alter a beloved's physiology. At 3rd level, beloveds gain a racial bonus to their Listen, Move Silently, Spot, and Survival skills.
Uncanny Dodge
Like rogues, 4th level beloveds can react to danger before they are consciously aware of it. They retain the Dexterity bonus to their AC even if caught flat-footed. (If they already have Uncanny Dodge, they gain Improved Uncanny Dodge instead.) The unicorn also gains the benefit of this ability if the beloved is riding it.
Call Celestial Charger
This is an upgrade to Call Unicorn. At 6th level, beloveds can call a celestial charger (a mighty celestial variant of the unicorn). If she already has a unicorn, it is transfigured into a celestial charger.
Nature's Understanding
7th level beloveds gain an insight bonus to Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), and Survival.
Holy Smite
8th level beloveds can use holy smite as a spell-like ability once per day. The ability is cast as a cleric of her class level, with the addition that she can choose to deal either lethal or nonlethal damage.
Wood Repulsion
Weapons of wood are repulsed by the beloved's aura. The unicorn or celestial charger also gains this ability if ridden.
Mass Baleful Polymorph
10th level beloveds can cast a variant of baleful polymorph as a spell-like ability (10th level druid equivalent), turning evil creatures within 30 feet into harmless animals or vermin. Every subject is turned into the same type of creature.[2]

Origin NoteEdit

This class originally appeared in the Book of Exalted Deeds as "Beloved of Valarian".