A belt of fire giant strength, also referred to as a girdle of fire giant strength, was one of six varieties of belts of giant strength. It conferred its wearer with the strength of a fire giant.[1]


At least some of these belts were crafted from the beard hair of fire giants.[2]


The belt magically granted physical strength equivalent to that of a fire giant to its attuned wearer. If the wearer already possessed or exceeded such strength, the belt had no effect.[1]

Notable OwnersEdit

The minotaur Torogar Steelfist, who served in Avernus as Arkhan's bodyguard, wore a belt of fire giant strength.[3]

Quite fittingly, the fire giant Bhaalspawn Yaga-Shura kept a girdle of fire giant strength in the lair beneath his keep in the Marching Mountains.[2]


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