Beluar was an elf and a heroic warrior of the Vast in the 7th century DR. He won a famous victory against an orc army to help save the dwarven kingdom of Roldilar.[1][2]


The fall of RoldilarEdit

In the Year of the Bloody Crown, 649 DR, hordes of orcs engulfed the dwarven kingdom of Roldilar in the lands later known as the Vast.[3] Roldilar, fortunately, was aided by its human and elven allies, who would save the dwarves from extinction.[4] One such ally was Beluar, who helped the dwarves in their fight against the orcs.[2]

That year, Deep King Tuir Stonebeard led the dwarven armies against those of the orcs and goblins, but they were defeated at Viperstongue Ford over the River Vesper. Roldilar's defenses were broken, and the dwarves retreated to Mount Grimmerfang, ending ultimately in the fall of Roldilar.[1][3]

However, this fall was delayed thanks to the efforts of Beluar and his forces. They fought the orcs at Viperstongue Ford and were victorious, forcing the enemy into a rout. They then pursued the orcs north into an area of rolling, rugged hills, and won another victory against them there.[1][2] Finally, Beluar's forces chased the remaining orcs up the North Road to the village of Maskyr's Eye. Beluar killed the last one on the road in front of the local smithy.[2]


Beluar later led a small band of elven riders down a pass through the Earthfast Mountains. Shortly north of the village of High Haspur, they were set upon in an orcish ambush, and Beluar and his band all died in battle.[5][2][6]


To honor their slain allies, surviving and grateful Roldilarren dwarves built Beluar's Tomb in the center of Sarbreenar, once a Roldilarren outpost. They buried Beluar and his soldiers beneath a great mound, later grassed over, and on top they erected a stone obelisk, carved with intricate designs.[5][2][6]

Beluar and his exploits were remembered in place and inn names across the Vast. The pass where he and his riders died was known afterwards as Elvenblood Pass.[5][2][6] The hills where they defeated the orcs were called Beluar's Hunt to commemorate the victory.[1][2] An inn in Kurth, near those hills, was also named Beluar's Hunt, while another was named the Rolling Heads Inn after the grisly remnants of the battles there.[1][2] In High Haspur, another inn was called The Elf in Armor after Beluar.[5][2]



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