Beluar's Hunt, or simply the Hunt, was a series of hills found in the north of the Vast, lying west of the North Road between Kurth and Maskyr's Eye, and extending southwest of Kurth.[1]


Beluar's Hunt was a series of rolling, drumlin hills. They were rugged and grassy, described as a wasteland. Wild horses wandered the hills.[1]


In the Year of the Bloody Crown, 649 DR, as hordes of orcs engulfed the dwarven kingdom of Roldilar,[2] the elven warrior Beluar and his forces pursued an orc army routed at Viperstongue Ford into these hills, and won another battle against them there. The hills became known as Beluar's Hunt to commemorate the victory.[3][1]

Sometime around 1350 DR, the Cult of the Dragon launched an expedition into Beluar's Hunt. They excavated a hill around some likely ruins of old pillars, apparently took away some treasures, and discovered an ancient tomb, which they then opened. Then a powerful lich with the antlers of a stag upon its skull emerged to slaughter them with its magic, rending their bodies with phantom claws. The lich then went on a rampage around the surrounding countryside, killing every living creature it came across. Finally, it returned to its tomb, and used spells to bury it once more. The only surviving witnesses were mages in Kurth and Tavilar using scrying spells. The lich remained in its lair.[1]


A bandit gang occasionally prowled the Hunt by 1370 DR, but it was otherwise uninhabited.[1] The Hunt Trail ran through the hills.[4]


According to local folklore, some hills in the Hunt concealed ancient barrow-tombs, such as the one that housed the stag-horned lich, who was thought to guard some powerful magic. There were also said to be a number of shallow graves of warriors, dating back to the earliest days of human rule in the Vast after the fall of Roldilar. These were said to contained buried treasure, but the presence of the lich scared many adventurers off of searching.[1]



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