Beluir was the largest city (usually considered the capital) of the halfling realm of Luiren[1] it also housed foreign dignitaries. Its was also known for having the largest Yondalla temple in Luiren, and so also the home of the Devout Voice of Yondalla.[2]


Beluir was located on the shore of Luirenstrand Bay in the Great Sea.[4]


Beluir was established by Halflings in 14 DR.[5] In 1105 DR, a powerful storm from the Great Sea destroyed most of the city, but it was rebuilt.[6][1]


The city is well defended by about a cohort of marchwardens as well as a large group of militia. The marchswardens would use skirmishing tactics to surround and ultimately destroy a besieging army.[3] The Mayor of the town is known to have slain two Hill giants on his own, they may have been drunk but he's still a fighter of renown.[2] There was a network of portals leading to the temple of Sheela Peryroyl from all over the country that had a garrison of fighters and priests.[7] There were an order of swaying Halflings calling them self's Hin blades of Brandobaris that were based in the city. These trouble coursers came out to defend the realm whenever needed.[8]


The city had many farmlands and fruit farms nearby.[2][3]

Notable locationsEdit

Temple of Yondalla
Led by the Devout Voice of Yondalla, the religious leader and thus de facto civil leader of Luiren.[1]
Temple of Sheela Peryroyl
This temple held a network of 8 one way portals that took wagons of food from other places of Luiren as far as near the border of Shoun. As well as a contingency of guards and priests.[7]


Most "Big folk" sized businesses are by the docks like "Erdel’s Extraordinary Equipment Emporium" and many types of hostels, taverns and inns. The docks of the city had a brisk shipping trade and the city also has allot of home for foreigners and there dignitaries. [2]


Beluir has many taverns some famous:


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