Bendal's swoop was a bizarre wizard spell.[1][2]


Bendal's swoop transformed any falling action of the caster into horizontal movement. When the caster had fallen at least ten feet the effect could take place, moving the caster up to thirty feet in any horizontal direction.[1][2]

When the caster ended the spell they landed as if under the influence of a feather fall spell.[1][2]

A swooping dive attack could be executed using the spell, usually to the surprise of the caster's target, assuming the caster did not miss the target and impact a nearby object. If the attack was successful the caster was still at risk of injury from the impact with the target.[1][2]

Bendal's swoop could also be combined with spells that augmented the caster's speed, allowing for a devastating attack that struck the target with a shock wave. The caster was shielded from the brunt of the shocking impact in such combinations.[1][2]


This spell only required verbal and somatic components to cast.[1][2]



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