Beniago was a lieutenant and later the captain of Ship Kurth in Luskan. In reality he was a drow under the guise of a human who was a high-ranking lieutenant for Bregan D'aerthe.[6]


In human form, Beniago appeared as a tall red-haired man.[2] His human disguise did not age (wizards had told him it would be too difficult), so he told others he was a half-elf so that they did not get suspicious about his longevity or unchanged appearance.[7]

By 1484 DR, Beniago claimed to be more comfortable in his human form than in his natural drow form.[8]


Beniago was previously a member of House Baenre. The father of his cousin Tiago Baenre betrayed him, forcing him to join Bregan D'aerthe. In 1463 DR, he was the highest-ranking agent of Bregan D'aerthe, only under Jarlaxle, Kimmuriel Oblodra, and Valas Hune. Luskan was considered his territory.[9]

In 1463 DR, Beniago was second to Luskan's High Captain Kurth.[10] However, at some point prior to 1483 DR, he ascended to become High Captain Beniago Kurth, the most powerful of the five High Captains.[1] Ship Kurth had the largest fleet in the city (twice as large as the next Ship's), largely due to its "alliance" with Bregan D'aerthe.[1]


Beniago carried a mysterious jeweled dagger which strikingly resembled Artemis Entreri's.[10] Beniago had an earring which enabled him to take the guise of a human.[9]


Beniago was a member of the Menzoberranyr House Baenre; he was Matron Mother Quenthel Baenre's nephew and Tiago Baenre's cousin.[11]




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